Healthy Fats for Fatloss Meal Plan

This meal plan is aimed at helping you lose weight and decrease. If your weakness is sugar but  you have been trying to eat low fat foods, this is going to give you great results!

This plan is actually high in fat. This is in order to lower your glycemic index with each meal. Also when we give our bodies healthy fats, it comes out of saving mode and releases the fat it has been storing. If our body knows it is getting plenty of the fat it needs to keep your brain and eyes healthy, it will stop saving it on your hips/waist etc. It may take 3 weeks of giving your body this much fat before it trusts the plan enough to really drop weight. But it works! Time after time, I have clients afraid to eat fat. When they finally trust me and commit to increasing healthy fats for a few weeks, they all the sudden drop extra weight. It is a process, trust it.


So follow this meal plan. I tried to make it simple with minimal cooking. You can fancy these meals up s much as you want. 

I think the intermittent fasting will be good for you. So I put a warm drink for you to have first thing in the morning. The hot water helps with digestion and gets your bowels moving. The lemon will balance you PH level. When our ph is balanced we are able to lose weight, have more energy, increased immunity, and much more. The Cayenne is great for metabolism and energy. I also have you add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt to give you some electrolytes. Metabolising fat can be dehydrating, so this will help you stay on top of your electrolytes and hydration. Put in as much salt as you can handle but not more than a teaspoon.

Drink 95 ounces of water a day. Your tea does count in this number. Keep a water bottle with you to sip on and make sure to have some with your meals also.


I have attached your shopping list also. It shows how much 1 serving would be. So make sure to buy enough for the full recipe. If you are making the full recipe to feed your family you will need 8 servings. If you plan to only make enough for you, then you could buy 2 servings worth. (lunch/Dinner)



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