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Jana's Favorites

If I love it and get a discount I will share that discount with you here. This way we both benefit.   I only share things I Love and really use.

Click the picture link if you need it shipped to you.


But if you are a client who see's me regularly just text me what you want from the link and I can save you shipping and tax costs. I will give you your product off my shelves.





If you are doing an outdoor class with me, a mat will keep your butt and back dry and clean.

This is a great but basic yoga mat. I bought them in bulk so you don't pay as much as you would in the stores.


$12     just text me and I will bring one to camp for you.

My friend gives my clients a little discount plus no shipping if I bring it to you at class. So enter "utahfitventures" next time you order at

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