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Meal Prep
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Freezer Dinner Swap

Once a week you will be assigned a Recipe to make. You will make 4-5 batches of that same recipe to give to everyone in your swap group.  Each Recipe will feed 4 adults. The bigger familes can add more sides or the smaller families can save the leftovers. 


Each recipe will fit the 40% protein, 30%carbs, and 30% fat ratio of macros. This group is free to join but you will be financially responsible to pay for all the groceries for your assigned recipe. It will usually balance out when you get the free freezer dinners from the the others in your group.  These recipes will be freezable. So you don't have to use them immediately.


Email me at getlivingfit@gmail.com if you want to know what meals will be on the next swap.  I will also post it below. 

Prep Party

We meet once a week to prepare breakfast, lunch, and snacks to eat over the week. These will be portions for 1 person for 6 days or a family fot 1-2 days. The party will be on Monday afternoons at my house and last 1-2 hours.  We will all do the prep work together. I will have all the ingredients there for you. 

You will pay by the Friday before. The cost changes each week at will be between $50-$75 which will include a fee for my time planning the menu, party and shopping. You will walk away with 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 6 snacks. Plus have a great time socializing and learning the tricks to easy meal prep.  


Email me getlivingfit@gmail.com if your interested and I will let you know whats on the menu and the cost for the upcoming party!  I will also post it below.

The upcoming meal prep group will get

6 Ham and Swiss egg mug breakfasts

*bring 6 baggies

6 servings Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup

*bring 6 individual tupperwarers

6 Chunky Monkey bars

*bring some baggies

6 Paleo meatballs and Zoodles

*bring 6 individual baggies


The cost is . We will meat at my house at noon on Tuesday. It will last 2 hours. Please send your money by tomorrow. 







This weeks meal preppers will get

6 Raspberry Almond ? 
*bring six 1-2 cup tupperwares
6 Asian cabbage and salmon salad 
*bring six 2-3c tupperwares and six baggies
6 Avacado egg breakfasts
*bring six baggies
6 sweet potato chips and salsa
*bring a gallon ziplock and a 2-3c Tupperware


The cost is $69. We will meet at my house on Tuesday at noon for 2 hours. Let me know if you are in or not by tonight so I can order the groceries.






The next meal prep group will be getting...

6 servings of Chia pudding with berries
*Bring 6Tupperware or jar that will fit one or more cups

6 servings of salad in a jar
*Bring six mason jars or Tupperware that will fit 2 cups

6 servings of mixed Ron that's with an apples
*Bring 12 snack or sandwich size baggies

6 servings of honey garlic chicken and broccoli
* Bring individual sized Tupperware that will fit about 2 cups

The cost is $67.  please get that to me today so I can buy you groceries. We will meet at my house Tuesday at noon. It should take two hours.

Let me know if you want me to send you a Venmo request







Nov 1st @noon


6 Pumpkin Smoothie kits

12 Oatmeal Cookie Protein balls

6 Veggies and Dip sets

6 Chicken Sausage, kale and potato soup


Send in venmo payment by Sunday oct 30.


Show up at my house with your storage containers....

Jars for the veggies. i have containers for the dip

big jar or container to hold 3 cups of muscle egg

6 sandwich ziplock baggies for smoothie packs

one medium container to hold all the protein balls or small baggies if you want them seperated into servings

6 jars or tupperware to hold soup, about 2 cups per serving





October 25th

Cost $64


6 ham and egg cups

3 pumpkin overnight oats

3 bbq loaded sweet potatoes

3 Salmon Salad

3 green monster smoothies

3 veggies and hummus dip 


You just send  the $64 to me through venmo by the friday before. Then show up to my house at 1pm on Monday. I expect the party to take 1-2 hours. 

Bring 1 large tupperware to hold the 6 egg cups. 6 pint sized jars. 6 indiviual (2cup) tupperware. 6 ziplock sandwich bags. 1 quart mason jar

Meal Prep
allergies or special needs?
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