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To inspire men and woman of all types to take on life with confidence and experience their true potential. We use adventure, nutrition, exercise, and life coaching to transform the "mundane" into the joyful, powerful and fulfilling life they have always imagined.


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ZION May 5th-7th




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HAVASUPAI July 14th-17th

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MOAB    Sept 29th-Oct 1st




You see people doing amazing things on tv, magazines, or even your own friends. If you look at them, and think, "man, I wish I could do that". Do you go to a job you don't enjoy, are you overweight, are you surrounded by unsupportive people, are you bored?  Then this program is for you. Locked inside you, behind many walls and chains is a brave, confident, joyful soul. Full of life and love. The "You can do Amazing things" program is designed to brake down those walls and pull off the chains. Releasing the true vibrant YOU! 


The program begins with a weekend retreat that will knock your socks off. You achieve feets you never believed you could.You learn things about yourself, you only dreamed of being. You look straight in the eyes of your fears and say "Bring it on!" Your weekend will be Amazing. Life changing! Eye opening! Rewarding and Fun! 


We believe that to do Amazing things, we must take care of our minds, bodies and spirits. So we give you nutritional coaching, personalized workouts from an experienced personal trainer, and an inner-peace program. You are paired with a life coach that you will be in contact with as you go home. For the next 3 months you work with this coach on doing and being Amazing things. They will give you challenges, assignments, and you will give yourself the greatest gift, YOU. 


This is a three month program. It is not for the half interested person. This is indepth and guaranteed to bring AMAZING results. You will improve your life in every area. People have been known to lose weight, Rid themselves of aches and pains, heal thier gut, improve relationships, find true joy, find self love, find peace and forgiveness, have more fun. But you have to be ready and willing to work for the thing you want out of your life. We will use adventure, exercise, nutrition and life coaching to assist you in do the AMAZING things you have always dreamed of!


Amazing Havasupai by granogi
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