"When I started I just wanted to get back into shape and have energy again. I feel like mentally and physically I have improved, I workout with a team that I love to death and I feel welcome and loved. I am stronger. In the past I would just workout here and there. I was on the latest meal plan and then would fail. But now I enjoy working out everyday. I'm meal prepping and working out harder than I ever have. I'm being pushed to do harder than I would push myself. So thank you Utah FITventures!!

My favorite part is the people, I came in not knowing anyone and everyone has welcomed me, made me feel like family and I enjoy coming everyday. I look forward to it! I also now have positive self talk, which I feel is super hard for us women. We are constantly putting ourselves down. My favorite thing about myself now is that I'm stronger I have more energy.




My big thing that I feel and tell people is that I didn't drop weight over night, but I feel like I made a life change.  I have a different mindset about how I can look and feel and what I can do.  It took me time to drop the 35 lbs, but I feel like I can maintain that and still live and be normal.  I can still splurge for 2 weeks on vacation and come home and get back into it.  I can & do enjoy a to die for dessert every now and then.  I tell my kids that I choose not to have something, rather than I can't or I shouldn't.  I hear friends say they don't eat this or they don't drink a smoothie and I don't feel like I have to say that.  I just "choose" what and when I eat things.  My biggest struggle is staying motivated to work out by myself.  :(   Goal - drop another 10 lbs, have better cardio endurance and stronger core so I can bike longer and faster.  











The Body and Life Overhaul principles have changed my life. I truly feel that i have become who I was meant to be. I am no longer critical of myself. I truly love myself. Learning my how Amazing I was, helped me be happy and love myself. My body quickly responded to this new joy. I kept promises to myself and nourished myself. I meal prepped, did my inner-peace work, and went to all the workouts. My pics say it all. I was bloated, pudgy, and unhappy. Now I am joyful, energetic, strong and fit!







 "Like most women, my goal when starting out was to lose weight. But since I started working out with Jana and Kelli, and all the boot camp gals, I have learned so much about how to take care of my body and be the healthiest me I can possibly be. I have grown in many ways (except physically, I've shrunk there!), but the best thing I've learned is that you can't hate, shame, or starve your body into some preconceived notion of perfection. You have to love and nurture your body to health and fitness, and that is when the results come! I am stronger than ever, and I have loved seeing my body do things it never could have done before! And that is what I have learned and loved most in working out with you guys! So thanks Jana and Kelli!" 








I did Body and  Life Overhaul for 30 days. I lost inches all over  my body but I was super excited to have lost 13 inches off my waist! I felt better and learned a bunch of healthy recipes to feed my family.















"I have one word ...Amazing! This bootcamp is amazing! After 6 kids, 5 surgeries, the loss of my mom, depression, and a thyroid problem, at 36 years old I did not feel great. I did not look great. I was just existing. I knew I needed to make a change. That's when I started Bootcamp. It truly has been a game changer for me. Yes, we exercise our guts out, but it's more than that for me! It's a team! I've found a team that is supportive, loving, dedicated and tough!! We exercise together, we support each other, we vent together, we cry together, and we laugh together. We even went rock climbing!!! This team gives me the strength that I need to reach my goals no matter what they are. Jana and Kelli head up this team!! Each day is something different and challenging!! I don't know how they do it, but they have managed to make working out hard and fun at the same time!! They bring so much knowledge and experience to the table and are truly dedicated to our health and success. They believe in me and push me harder that I could ever push myself. When I started this program I couldn't do a sit up without someone sitting on my toes. Now I can do 70 all by myself! I have discovered that I can do amazing things and that I can control my health. I still have a ways to go to reach my goals and I am still learning, but because of this bootcamp I am no longer "just existing." I feel great, I am starting to believe in myself, and I am stronger and more dedicated than before." 





"I feel like I went into this to lose weight and become stronger. I have better habits now and I'm actually starting to like exercising. My knee feels so much better and stronger. I am feeling better about myself and I love the energy I now have."









Anyone who has worked with me, feel free to let others know what you think.

Write a comment


  • Emily Blohm (Saturday, October 15 16 07:53 pm EDT)

    Jana is AMAZING! I'm sore after every workout! She is fun and personable! Seriously won't go to another Bootcamp!

  • Amy Cole (Monday, October 17 16 05:56 pm EDT)

    I love working Jana- She is the best! I love that it isn't just about working out, it's nutrition and total wellness aspects as well. I am an RN and I loved the cellular evaluation and am learning
    and incorporating lots of new things that have helped!

  • Rachel Gainer (Thursday, November 17 16 04:28 pm EST)

    Jana is an exceptional trainer. She doesn't just focus on weight loss. Instead, she strives to educate and empower her clients so that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to make life-long, sustainable changes to their wellness. She combines tough workouts, nutrition coaching, and mindfulness in a way that is positive and motivating, so you will always feel you have someone else rooting for your success. Her workouts are challenging and memorable, and they make you hurt so good. I love that she knows how to challenge clients at all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced clients. She really pushes each person to do her best, without any competition or comparison. Jana is an exceptional trainer and a wonderful example. She is my go-to source for training advice. I am so grateful I started my health journey with her. I love her body positive approach to getting in shape and building a healthy lifestyle.

  • Alycia (Thursday, January 12 17 05:57 pm EST)

    Jana did the cellular evaluation on my blood and it was FANTASTIC! She really took the time to thoroughly evaluate what was going on. She was so genuine and really invested in helping my body heal- that was her main motive - not to sell me anything. Outstanding experience. I know what I need to do to change and after years of going to doctors and leaving without answers I finally know what's wrong and what I need to do.

  • Mary Ferguson (Thursday, January 19 17 08:56 am EST)

    Boot camp is life changing! Jana is so positive and encouraging and super tough. I have seen great results in my overall fitness level. Very motivating to workout with friends!!

  • Necia Russon (Thursday, January 19 17 09:08 am EST)

    Wow! In six weeks I went from feeling old and weak to feeling younger and so much stronger! I love going and doing a different workout each time. That part really helped to keep things fresh,interesting and inspiring.

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