Day 8

You have completed a whole week of workouts and homework assignments! Way to stay with it. Way to Commit to be Fit! 

Today I have 2 assignments for you. Read both and do the homework. If you have my fitnesspal app you can use it to figure out your calories. for the 1st assignment. In my experience with past clients, I noticed that my fitness pal tends to set too low of calorie goals. So we are going to change the settings to be what I feel will get you the best results. 


Go to settings, and then profile. Where it asks for your activity level, click "active' if you are doing all the workouts for the overhaul. (5-6 a week) and have a mostly sedentary job like computer work or driving. Click "very active"  if you also chase kids all day, clean the house,  or just are constantly moving during the day with little sitting. 

Then where it asks how many pounds you want to lose, do not do any more than 1 pound a week. If we fuel our bodies with enough nutrient dense foods, it will respond in good ways. You will lose the extra fat, gain lean muscle, avoid the restrict/binge cycle, and stay sane in the process.


15 Bench Jumps
15 Lawnmower with Military Press (each side)
15 Hip Thrusters
15 Triceps to shoulders (each arm)
100 meter Sprint
15 Side Planks (each side)

Repeat list 4 times

Another day in the Books! I look forward to getting an email from you today!


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