Day 5

Today you will set some Goals. Read the attached assignment and Print out the worksheet. With Love for yourself, set some goals for yourself.


smart worksheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [64.7 KB]


As if you haven't done enough sit ups and push ups, Today I give you the Power 10 workout. Watch the video for the how to's. But the main idea is 


Power 10

1sit up

1 push up

2 sit ups

2 push ups

3 sit ups

3 push ups

4 sit ups

4 push ups

5 sit ups

5 push ups

6 sit ups

6 push ups

7 sit ups

7 push ups

8 sit ups

8 push ups

9 sit ups

9 push ups

10 sit ups

10 push ups


Then move onto 3 minutes of highkness with a burpee every 20 seconds. Do not rest during this 3 minutes. Keep those knees high!


Power 10 backwards. 

10 push ups

10 sit ups

9 push ups

9 situps

8 push ups

8 sit ups

7 push ups

7 sit ups...

...and so on until you do 1 of each. 


Great Job! Get a drink, and walk, jog cool down for about 3 minutes. Don't forget to stretch.


You have completed todays Workout! Now send me a quick email letting me know how it went. Now go ice anything that is sore or nagging you. 

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