Day 42


You made a lot of positive changes over the last 6 weeks! You have lost fat, toned your muscles, learned to fuel and nourish your body. You have released stresses and angers and learned to love yourself! There are so many great things about you! 


Take the Time NOW to take your after photos. Refer to the Day 1 email on how to do this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a before and after. I deserve to see how well you did. I will not show anyone unless you give me persmission. 


Take your last measurements! Also send me the results of those. Click the link below to fill out a short survey. I know there are things to change with this online program. I am still learning how to do things long distance. Please let me know what worked and what didn't.


Finish with TESTING

Again?! Yes, One last time! You better beat those numbers by a long shot. Give it your all and bust out some real records!



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