Hey Hey it's Day 4

  Hey Hey its Day 4 and you are killin this week.

Today you will learn how to Food Log with me. I have found that my clients who food log the most get the best results. Food logging helps you see how many calories, carbs, fats, and protein you are eating. It helps us see if you are emotional eating. It allows me to give you small little suggestions of things to change, so that a healthy diet is doable and maintainable.

I can give you a meal plan, I have plenty of fabulous meal plans. But often clients that follow a meal plan can only keep it up for a couple weeks and then they bounce right back to their old habits. By food logging, I am able to suggest something that might make a huge difference to your results but takes only a small amount of will power for you. That way you are able to continue with these healthy habits.

So please take the time to download the App “myfitnesspal” on your smart phone. If you do not have a smart phone you will read the attached assignment on food logging. Print out multiple log sheets to use. You will then take a picture or scan of your sheets to send to me by each Monday morning. If I do not have them by 9am they may not get looked at until the next Monday. So try to send them in Saturday or Sunday.  You do not have to log every day. I require 2 days of logging each week. But the more you log the more aware you are and the more I can assist you.

Blank Food Log
Print a bunch of these blank food logs to use if you do not use the myfitnesspal app.
workbook may15,2010-page-007.jpg
JPG image [204.5 KB]

If you do have a smart phone. Get the app “myfitnesspal”

When it is asking you how active you are, know that if you are doing these workouts each day plus the cardio days and you are pushing yourself, then you are active. Then any chasing of kids, cleaning or play you do just adds to your activity level. This app tends to give people too low of a calorie range. So that’s why we consider one hour of activity a day as active.

When it asks you how many pounds a week you want to lose, please say ½ pound to 1 pound max. I have found that when my clients plan to lose 2 pounds, their calories are too low and they hit plateaus. If you feed your body enough good clean nutrients you will lose the extra fat and gain some muscle to give you 

good posture and that will help you continue to lose more fat in the future.

Once you get in and set up. There are some settings I want you to change so that I can view your log. Go to your settings. Then diary settings. Then diary sharing, Allow friends to view your diary.

Then go to friends in the more section. Request to be my friend. My name on there is getlivingfit  .

Then just play around and learn how to use it. Start logging. 

Todays Workout

Choose weights that you can barely finish each set with. 8-15 pounds is average.

There is a video above that shows what each exercise looks like. 


Lunge walk with shoulder press (10-15 lunges per leg)

Dead bug (hold for 30 seconds)

Star jumps (10 to 15 jumps)

Bicep curl (15 curls per arm) 

Single leg hip bridge (15 per leg)




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