Day 30

If you need assistane getting in the nutrients you need to reach your goals you can click on the link below. XR Nutrition has some amazing plant based supplements. They include digestive enzymes to ensure you break down and can use the vitamins and minerals you take in . I have tried many supplements companies in the past  But this is the first company that I could stand behind and know for a fact that they will help my clients. I use the fruit an veggie powder to get more vitamins and minerals and probiotics each day. I also take their enzyme essentials every time I eat a cooked food to make sure I digest and absorb the nutrients I eat at each meal. There are other products that I use here and there when needed. But those two are my daily musts! And when I started getting the nutrients my body needed to metabolise properly, my weight stabilized. I do not have to be as restrictive in my eating as I used to. 




Todays Workout

Do 100 of each exercise. Go through the list 2-3 times



Table top crunch

Heel Touches

Around the world abs


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