Day 25

Todays Workout


Use every exercise as a outlet for anger. Let it all out here. This is where it is socially acceptable to use aggression. It's ok to throw your fit. Show yourself that you don't take crap from anyone or any sittuation. This is where you are strong and powerful! Show that person or sittuation that mad you angry or frustrated how it really made you feel. Use that anger and let it out in this workout. 


You will do a minimum of 3 minutes but preferably 5 minutes of each exercise without any rests. Especially the punching, kicking and kneeing. Do a full 5 minutes of each. Just go through the list once. 


If you do not have a punching bag, you can use a chair, couch or pillow to punch, kick, knee, a matteress standing up tall works awesome too. (your kid wont mind if you throw a fit in their room, right?!) If none of these will work, you can always just punch or kick the air. It will give you the same cardio benefits but not the same strengthening benefits and definately not as good at taking away anger.


Steps runs



(be careful on form. do not hunch your mid back. Keep your back flat. Keep your head up.)

knee to elbow


 Bicycle abs








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