Day 2 Wahoo!

Today you will be doing the Motivational Journal assignment. It is attached. Do that first. Spend 20-30 minutes on it. Dig in deep and give it your all!

Afterward it is time for testing. We will do testing every other Monday. The testing lets you know if you are improving. The moves are challenging and at first you may not be able to do the correct form. That’s ok. Do what you can do and make a note by each one on the list what alterations you did to the move. As you get stronger through this program, you will get better at the form and then you will be able to perform more of the exercise in the given time.

Grab the testing and measurement page from yesterday. On the bottom of the sheet is a list of exercises. Watch the video below as I show you the testing exercises.  You will do each of these exercises for 1 minute, counting how many as you can perform in that minute.

You will then rest only 1 minute before you move onto the next exercise.

Move through the whole list like this 1 minute of an exercise then 1 minute rest then the next exercise on the list.


WAY TO FINISH TESTING! That isn’t easy and I am so proud of you for making it through. Now email me if you have any questions. But for sure email me when you are all done and tell me how the testing went. What was the hardest exercise. What was the easiest. Did you need to alter any? Also tell me the biggest reason you are doing this program. Just a little snipet from your what you wrote in your Motivational Journal. I WANT to hear from you. 

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