Day 12

TTodays Workout is challenging and fun. Find a steep hill. Do you have an amplitheater, bleachers or park with a steep hill nearby? Maybe just a road that has a hill in it? You want it to be about 30 meters long and as steep as you can find. If you do not have a hill in your neighborhood, you can use a treadmill on full incline or you can use the stairs in your house 3 times.


Jog upill 3 times


Do the following ab circuit

30 bicycle abs  (30 each side)

30 reverse crunch 

30 oblique crunch

30 diamond crunch


Sprint uphill 3 times


Ab circuit 3 times


Sprint uphill


Ab Circuit


Sprint upill 3 times


Ab circuit


Walk/jog cool down uphill 3 times



Whew! that was tough! Your hamstrings, butt, and abs are probably pooped. You will be thanking them for all their hard work later when you see how toned they are though! Let me know in a quick email how today went.




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