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Testing and Measurement Tracking
Print this form and tape it inside your blank spiral notebook. Each Week take your measurements and write them down on this form. You will love seeing them change.
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Take the time to do your measurements. The form to fill them in is also attached to this email. Print it out and tape it inside your notebook cover.  Then find a cloth measuring tape. It is good if you can have someone take your measurements for you. But if you need to do it yourself, it is possible. But make sure the same person does it every week and is consistent in how tight they pull the tape. The tape should be firm but loose around the area. Do not squeeze.
Bicep: To measure the bicep, find the center of your upper arm between your shoulder and your elbow. Measure the circumference.
Chest: Measure the circumference around the chest with the tape passing right over tip the nipple line.
Waist: measure the circumference around the smallest area of your torso. For some people, this will be right under their bra and for some, it will be below the ribs. We want to get the smallest area
Abdomen: Find your belly button run the tape around your torso passing over top of the belly button
Illiac crest: Find the points of your hip bones. This could be just an inch below your waist measurement. Run the tape around those hip bones. This will usually be the biggest area of your torso.
Hips: We measure this section right below your butt. At the gluteal fold. Make sure your feet are touching together.
Thigh: Find the largest part of your thigh. This is where you have kind of a bulge. It is generally pretty high up. Maybe just a couple inches down from your groin.
Calf: measure the largest area of your calf.
Also, take before pictures.
When taking your before and after pictures, you can use your smartphone in good lighting, saving the photos at their FULL size, without added text or filters. Have someone else take the photo for you, in front of a plain background or white wall. The less clutter in the background, the more attention on you!
Wear swimwear or tight fitting workout wear. Show as much of your body as is comfortable. This is the best way to see the changes that have happened in your body! Remember to include your face in the photos so we can plainly see that it is you in both photos! If your problem area is your booty, you’ll also need to take pictures of your booty so that YOU can see the dramatic improvement there.
Here are some examples of good photos.
 Take the photos from many angles. A front view, side view, back view and at a twist. You can put your hands at your sides, on your hips, even flexing in the air! Just make sure that you have before/after photos in the same pose so you can accurately see your transformation! And don’t suck it in or push it out – just be the REAL YOU! It is such a great tool to be able to see your progress.  Watching the transformation happen before your eyes in photographs is really cool!


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