Check here daily for your daily workout and homework

Day 3  Cardio on your own or rest. Refer back to the welcome page that asks you to do 40 minutes of cardio on your own 1-2 times a week. Today would be a great day for that. If you can't go for 40 minutes, start small. Do 5-10 minutes and every time you do your cardio, just aim for another minute longer. 

Day 6   Cardio or Rest


Day 7  Rest    I want you to take 1 day a week where you rest and reset. Ice anything that is nagging you or is sore. Get some extra sleep. Take care of yourself.

Day 10  Cardio on your own. If you started with less than 40 minutes, add 3 more minutes today. If you started with 40 minutes try to increase your intensity today.

Day 13 What kind of cardio will you do today? Make it fun! Enjoy it!


Day 14 Rest

Day 17  Increse your cardio time today!  If you can't increase the time, increase the intensity.

Day 20  Invite someone to do cardio with you today. It will be more fun and improve their day and life as well.


Day 21  Rest and recover

Day 24  Challenge yourself with a 3 one minute intervals in your cardio today. Anywhere in there, increase your intensity to full blast for 1 minute. Do not stop after the minute is over. Resume your normal areobic pace. When your breathing is under control again, do the intervals 2 more times. 

Day 27   Try something new today. Something you have been a little nervous to do. You are the cardio queen now. Go get it.


Day 28  Rest lovelies

Day 31   Another fabulous cardio day

Day 34  Time to pck up the cardio length. Add another 3 minutes


Day 35 Rest it out

Dsay 38  Cardio is not just good for your heart and waistline. It cleanses the soul.

Day 41  Today for cardio maybe make it a family outing. 


Day 42  Last rest day!?

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